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How to Start A New Country, TOO SOON? Not YET!


Published on Apr 10, 2021

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In the case of starting companies, been there done that. However, India is most likely not the best place to work YET, however it was and still is the only way we can rekindle Vedic inscriptions and that's all I care the most about. Hence, I was pondering over similar territories where I can touch base, and Balaji is spot on, more or less, as we'll find out.

The financial demand for a clean slate is clear. People buy millions of acres of vacant land and incorporate hundreds of thousands of new companies each year, spending billions just to get that fresh start. And now that it is possible to start not just new companies but new communities and even new currencies, we see people flocking to create those as well.

As a result, let me show how easy is it to welcome an immigrant in a 🌥 country than it is in the US.

class Immigrant:
    def __init__(self, userName=None, password=None):
        self.userName = userName
        self.password = password

    def login(self, userName, password):
        if ((self.userName.lower() == userName.lower())
                and (self.password == password)):
            print("Access Granted!")
            print("Invalid Credentials!")

SteveJobs = Immigrant("Steve", "12345")
SteveJobs.login("steve", "12345")
SteveJobs.login("steve", "6789")
SteveJobs.password = "6789"
SteveJobs.login("steve", "6789")

Remember had Abdulfattah John Jandali not immigrated we'd not appreciate Jobs as much, and the abovementioned code does that and more, at the server-side.

What we've described thus far is much like the concept of ethnic diasporas, which are internationally dispersed but connected by communication channels with each other and the motherland. The twist is that our version is a reverse diaspora: a community that forms first on the internet, builds a culture online, and only then comes together in person to build dwellings and structures. In a sense you can think of each physical outpost of this digital community as a cloud embassy, similar to the grassroots Bitcoin embassies that have arisen around the world. New recruits can come to either the virtual or physical environment, beta test, and decide to leave or stay.

At 18, I need to be physically based in India to care for my paralysed father, and undernourished mother, however, I can't help the itch to devote myself to a cause, much higher in Maslow's hierarchy. Giving this a shot, and I'll see you on the other side.

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